Wikings – Samurai – Super Chicken Man

A physics-based battle simulation game? Sounds nice, doesn’t it? Totally Accurate Battle Simulator is the game that really offers you a hilarious battle environment, with maniacally looking characters who have no mouth and look like a rag doll. It is important to say that the game really has drawn so much attention since the day it has been released. Especially the gameplay that contains lots of possibilities is what influenced people this much. You array your soldiers and wait for the battle.

The graphics of the game has never been an issue since they are tried to be developed as simply as possible. This is a game that based on the gameplay and strategy. Skins of the units are just worth seeing. Both armies constantly creating funny images by falling on each other while running or getting themselves stuck in places; and the way they run towards each other after you have picked them and pressed the start button, just adorable.

Especially the sandbox mode of the game has become the favorite of the players. Sandbox mode of Totally Accurate Battle Simulator allows you to pick units for both armies and test whatever you want, with unlimited money. There are dozens of units that you can choose among six categories: Vikings, Crusaders, Greece, Asia, Napoleon and Misc. Each contains the war units of their eras since the misc contains the funniest and interesting units like a chicken man that creates chickens by taking a dump or Hillary Clinton as a rag doll.

The best thing that sandboxes mode of the game offers is that the opportunity to tourney with any unit you like. For example, to find out which one is stronger, you can array same numbers of two different units in both armies. Or you can use whatever you have and create two enormous armies to watch a long combat. Since the super chicken is one of the units that is very difficult to kill, if you want a long battle, you can use them. For example, try to fight a large amount of two different types of units that has a fast shooting rate. Watching the battle of samurai and Viking is just what the game really intended to offer.

Also, you can practice different conditions to learn the logic of the game. Try to create different conditions and formations for each unit by calculating the conditions on the battlefield like rivers or little hills that the rag doll like characters might get themselves stuck in.

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