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Totally Accurate Battle Simulator, which is sort of a strategy game, is gaining popularity at a fast pace day by day. The complicated logic of the game has been effective on the popularity of the game. It can be said that the game includes everything that a pitched battle has. From Greeks to Vikings, from Asians to Crusaders, you will encounter several warfares that had been used in the battles. You create an army in the levels, according to the units of the enemy army by using the money you are given. You have to pick the most proper units that have the attributes will be useful to destroy the enemy units.

As a matter of fact, the laws of physic have been reflected well, since the soldiers run like zombies hungry for human flesh. Also, they do not hit each other when attacking. They just run towards each other and the first one to touch the other’s weapon is dealt damage. However, the actions and movements of the siege weapons are created a little better.

What makes a simulation game what it is, actually is not about the war of numbers of the levels of the players’ features. It is about reflecting the bitter and hot atmosphere of a battle. We can say that it is actually succeeded since you can create an army which consists of hundreds of units. The only bad part of the game might be that you can not interfere the battle after it has started. It was something that had to be thought about. Because a little movement, just a little step of a soldier can change the course of the battle.

However, it is important to emphasize that there is a large variety of soldiers with different weapons. We have to hand it to Totally Accurate Battle Simulator. There are several possibilities in the game, even if all the units have just three properties, speed, and health. The logic works like this and you really need to play the levels of the game in order to learn which unit to use in which condition. As you progress through the levels, you will really wonder what you will encounter in the next level. There will be the variety of possibilities and conditions that you will have to play a single level over and over again, trying new different strategies each time you try.

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