Totally Accurate Battle Simulator Unblocked

Totally Accurate Battle Simulator is a game that we can specialize as a mix of action and strategy. Currently, there are millions of people all over the world that are playing, talking, creating videos about Totally Accurate Battle Simulator, which is the fourth game of the Landfall Games. In fact, this game has drawn so much attention than it has been expected. Players really like the graphics, the intense and entertaining gameplay, funny moments and a lot more things in the Totally Accurate Battle Simulator and it really can be seen from the numbers of views of the videos about the game.

You will encounter blue and red teams of rag doll like soldiers with googly eyes and waving eyes. Since the game has its own physics rules, the way the units move and run towards each other really create funny images during the battle. It is what you will encounter in the Totally Accurate Battle Simulator. In several videos on the internet, the funny moments that are captured by dozens of different players all over the world are shown and it is really worth seeing. Sometimes units get their weapons stuck in another’s and sometimes they fall on their feet again while they had to fall down in normal conditions of the laws of physics and this really changes the course of the battle.

Totally Accurate Battle Simulator has two game modes. In the levels of the game, which has a classical progressing concept. You encounter different armies with different soldiers each of which has different abilities and property levels. So you will have to create the best army with your limited money. You need to use the units that have the advantage on the enemy armies. The game teaches you what to do, how to play, which unit to pick against another, in what condition should you use a specific type of unit in the first levels. You encounter simple armies that are easy to defeat. But the game gets more difficult in the further levels and you need to think more and calculate more everything accurately.

The sandbox mode of the game is the mode that reflects a more advanced battlefield environment since in offers you unlimited money and set all the possibilities for both armies by yourself. You can also set tournaments in sandbox mode and test which unit is better than another. You can field different troops of different types of units and compose different scenarios.

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