Totally Accurate Battle Simulator – Sandbox Tournament Round

As you guys know, Totally Accurate Battle Simulator, which simulates totally accurate battles with its funny concept, is gaining popularity very fast, since it has not been too long from it’s been first released. Several videos and articles have created for this little game, because, as you will sooner realize after you play once, even if it is small in size, the gameplay of Totally Accurate Battle Simulator really charmed people with endless possibilities and compositions that you will encounter.

There is a classic mode in which you will play levels, encounter different and stronger armies in each one. Actually, you can consider the first levels of the game as a training mode, since there is no other. You learn everything about the game, which unit to pick which one, how to array your soldiers and the property levels of the units.

There are various different types of units that you can pick for your army, from Viking soldiers to Crusaders, from Asian ninja and samurai to Napoleon’s musket and cannon crews. But you have a certain amount of money in each level and you need to create the best army with your money. You need to use the most proper units to destroy the enemy army. All units have their weak points and each of them is designed to kill another more easily. For example, Crusader’s archers are ranged units with a standard level of health and attack speed. But spear throwers, which are also ranged units that have a long spear in their hands which allow them to reach out a distance, can easily kill a certain amount of archers. So you need to calculate things in the game.

Also, there is sandbox mode, in which you can create a custom battle environment. You pick soldiers for both armies in this mode with no money limitation. So this mode offers you the opportunity to compose different courses of battles and learn which unit to pick against the enemy. Even, you can even organize tournaments in which you will fight two certain types of units in sandbox mode of Totally Accurate Battle Simulator. Even if it shows who is stronger, the result is never certain in a battle that several types of units fight. For this reason, you can try to pick different types of units for both armies to see what changes in what condition.

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