Totally Accurate Battle Simulator Release Date

Totally Accurate Battle Simulator is a game that you will field your army that consists of units with waving arms and watch what is going to happen. Actually the game is based on physics. In fact it will be more accurate to say that Totally Accurate Battle Simulator has its own physics rules. The concept of the game has been designed in a way that really entertains you with countless possibilities on the battlefield and the moments that will really make you laugh.

The graphics of the game is the thing that adds game the comedy. The rag doll like skins of the units that you can pick for your army between dozens of them are the main thing that shows the game is not actually about a battle simulator, it really entertains you with the scenes that you will encounter, which are created by different possibilities in the game. There are dozens of units in six categories and each unit has its own unique ability. Also, each one has a different health, speed and attack speed level. You will realize that how much important that these properties are when you play the game in sandbox mode.

Sandbox mode of Totally Accurate Battle Simulator offers you a battle that you pick the units of the both armies. You can test any possibility you want by picking any unit you like for both armies with unlimited money. You have the opportunity to set up tournaments to test which unit is better than another. Also, you can try the different compositions in the battlefield by using several types of units, for example to kill chicken man man unit which is in the misc category and very difficult to kill.

The level mode of the game is simple classic version of a strategy game. You encounter a simple army that is easy to defeat. You need to pick the best units that are useful to hit the enemy army on its weak points. But in this mode, you have limited money and the logic in this mode is entirely based on the ways of spending the money. But there is always a best way to spend your money and create the best army possible to defeat the enemy. Anyway, the levels get more difficult as you play the next one of them and not only the money you spend is important in the further levels but the way you field your units according to the unique abilities and different levels of properties of them, the quantity of them and the conditions on the battlefield are.

However, Totally Accurate Battle Simulator seems to be developed much more and we will for sure see several versions of this game. Wouldn’t it be extremely awesome if we were able to make sandbox matches with limited choices of units? The release date of the game is mentioned to be 2017.

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