Totally Accurate Battle Simulator PS4

Totally Accurate Battle Simulator has been released as the fourth game of the Landfall Games and it really has managed to reach a great mass of players. There are thousands of people all over the world who plays Totally Accurate Battle Simulator, as they played Pokemon Go long time ago. This game has really attracted a lot of attention with its unique gameplay that offers players really satisfying images of a battle. There are also dozens of videos and articles are created several people on the web, since the game is really fun to watch too. The battles you will watch will contain several different types of warfare including from Vikings to Crusaders, from Asia to Napoleon. So it can be said that even the graphics of the game are not very quality or detailed and its size is very small, Totally Accurate Battle Simulator is really a successful game.

When the graphics of the game is the issue, it also can be said that that is what makes the Totally Accurate Battle Simulator what it is. They are intentionally and successfully designed to be very caricatured in a very funny way. They look with googly eyes and they do not have the mouth. Also, they look like rag dolls running towards each other madly, standing on the ground with a weird looking as a result of the physics rules that are unique to Totally Accurate Battle Simulator. At the same time, the way they run towards each other carrying their weapons in a weird way really creates very funny scenes as they get their weapons stuck in another’s. This is really worth watching the battle between two powerful armies that include several different warfares from several eras.

In Totally Accurate Battle Simulator, there are six different categories of units. There are dozens of different types units you can pick for your army and each of the units have different levels of health, speed and attack speed. Also, as you can guess, each has a different ability and weapon which are unique to it. It means that there are several possibilities that you may encounter in the game. And it also means that you need to be very careful while picking and arraying units on the battlefield and you need to follow a good strategy against many conditions and difficulties.

Anyway, the game is free on Steam and the official website of the Landfall Games. All you need to do in order to download Totally Accurate Battle Simulator is to submit your email address to Landfall games, or you can reach the download page directly from this link:

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