Totally Accurate Battle Simulator Preview

Totally Accurate Battle Simulator is the first game of the Landfall Games. As its name suggests, it is a physics-based strategy game, in which you will fight two wacky armies that you create by picking the units you like between several of them. It is important to emphasize that Totally Accurate Battle Simulator is a game that where physics, strategy, and comedy are mixed. In this regard, it can be said that it has brought a good perspective to battle games. It really reflects a battle environment and what might happen if which units come up against each other.

Since most of the first comments were not extolling the game but this is for sure that Totally Accurate Battle Simulator is really successful, since many possibilities and a magnificent gameplay waits for the players; even if the game has a really small size. However, the visual effects and reflections of the soldiers on impact, the voices of them and the way they run each other are just adorable. They look with bulging eyes of theirs and run towards each other as if they are being pulled. Apart from this, there are different environments that you can fight in such as Scotland, Denmark, Japan and Sahra. All are developed in minimal graphical content.

The gameplay of Totally Accurate Battle Simulator is definitely what makes it be played this much. You will be surprised when you see that this game with a very small size contains dozens of possibilities in a single battle. There are dozens of units that you can pick between several of them in six categories: Vikings, Crusaders, Greece, Asia, Napoleon, Misc. Each contains the war units that belong to their eras and the one which contains fewer units have three units in it. This means that there are countless opportunities and compositions you can create with several units.

There are two modes that you can try in the game. You can practice in the levels of the game in order to learn which unit does what and uses which weapon. This will give you the ideas of what unit to use or not to use in what condition. Then you can try the sandbox mode, which is actually the real deal. In this mode, you have unlimited money and you pick the units of both armies. So you can test the possible scenarios in your head without any money limitation by using any unit you want. I am gonna tell you right now, you will have a lot of fun while watching two armies confront each other.

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