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Totally Accurate Battle Simulator really has been a game that has managed to gain popularity day by day at a very high pace. Thousands of people now play the game all over the world and there are really a great number of videos which you can find on the web. In fact, it is as equally fun watching the videos about the game as playing the actual game since Totally Accurate Battle Simulator is a game that is entirely based on the solutions of your moves. In terms of gameplay, Totally Accurate Battle Simulator really offers players an extremely fun and entertaining gaming experience with funny skins, events and the physics rules that is unique to the game.

The graphics of the game are also very unique to it; the skins of the units in the game are designed to look like rag dolls and the unique physics rules we mentioned above are just adorable. As a result of an intention, the way the units run each other after you have the field your units on the battlefield in the best way you think and pressed the start button creates very funny images. They can get their weapons stuck in another’s and the look on their face with no mouth and googly eyes is also interesting.

There are dozens of types of units you can pick from six categories in the game from Vikings to Asia, from Napoleon to Crusaders. It is really satisfying to watch the battle of several different war units from several eras. Catapults, Samurais, Vikings, musket men, archers, axemen and several other warfares are included in Totally Accurate Battle Simulator. Each unit has its own unique ability, speed, attack speed and health. So it is a game of possibilities. In the levels of the game, you encounter different armies and you need to create the best army against the enemy by spending your limited money on the best units that hit the enemy where it hurts most.

On the other hand, in the sandbox mode of the game, you create both armies with unlimited money to see the possibilities and compose different battlefields to fight a certain amount of different types of units. It really is very fun to make tournaments in sandbox mode to see which unit to win the battles.

Anyway, even if most of the players wait for the online mode of the Totally Accurate Battle Simulator, Landfall Games has announced that the Alpha version of the game will not be updated.

You can download Totally Accurate Battle Simulator here:

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