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Totally Accurate Battle Simulator is the fourth game of the Landfall Games, which is a mix of strategy and simulator. It can be said that the Totally Accurate Battle Simulator, which is gaining popularity rapidly recent days, has a passive gameplay while offering players a very satisfying scene of battle with the logic of cause-effect relationship. This is the strongest reason for this game to be this much popular and has been downloaded for thousands of times by thousands of people all over the world. And what makes the game worth trying is the unique physics rules and the graphical design of the game.

The skins of the units, their googly eyes, and weird movements really make players laugh and there are dozens of videos about it on the web. The way they run towards each other after you have arrayed them on the battlefield and pressed the start button is really adorable. Because of the physics rules that are unique to Totally Accurate Battle Simulator, the movements of them and the gravity really works differently. But it can also cause some events that you might not want to live. For example, archers can shoot at their friendly units automatically and you have to be careful while sorting your archers on the battlefield.

On the other hand, there are dozens of different types of units in six categories; Vikings, Crusaders, Greece, Asia, Napoleon, and Misc. there are dozens of units from these different eras and it is really satisfying to watch they are fighting. Each unit has a different ability with a different weapon, health, speed and attack speed. All of these have to be calculated before pressing the start button in the level mode of the game, in which you need to create the best army that can defeat the enemy army with limited money.

But, in the sandbox mode of the game, you can pick any unit you like with unlimited money to see which composition is more satisfying or to see how many of which unit can kill a certain powerful unit like chicken man. There are hundreds of possibilities in the game and you can set tournaments by using a single type of unit for both armies.

Anyway, downloading and starting to play Totally Accurate Battle Simulator is extremely easy. All you need to do is to submit your email address to Landfall Games. You will receive an email that leads you to a link where the Totally Accurate Battle Simulator download file is included. The game is completely free and Landfall Games has announced that the game will not be updated.

You can download Totally Accurate Battle Simulator here:

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