Totally Accurate Battle Simulator Download Mac

Landfall Games have released the Totally Accurate Battle Simulator game and even they had not been expecting this much attention. The game has become extremely popular and everybody suddenly started to play Totally Accurate Battle Simulator madly. There are now millions of people who are playing this game, and that should also be said that the game is gaining popularity at a very fast pace and it seems to be developed much more than this in a very long time.

There are also a lot of videos and writings about Totally Accurate Battle Simulator on the web and people really likes to watch the videos of the game as much as they like to play it since the game is entirely based on this. Creating armies and watching who is going to rip off who. And also, the gameplay of Totally Accurate Battle Simulator, which you will watch battles of two weird armies with laughs offers you a real comedy. You will never get bored while playing this game, there will always be something that you wonder and you will constantly find yourself in Totally Accurate Battle Simulator, fighting two armies of man pooping giants.

The game has been developed to be very simple in terms of graphics however the latest update has brought many innovations, video effects to the game. There are still two game modes in the game. The level concept is simple, you need to defeat the armies that have been created by developers. These levels are getting more difficult as you play. You need to create an army with limited money by using the best units possible.

Actually, we can say that the levels of the game are based on the logic of the money spending. You need to create the best army with your limited money and each unit you can choose between dozens of them in six categories have different abilities and property levels of health, speed and attack speed. You need to calculate the possibilities and spend your money on the units that have the abilities that threaten the weak points of the enemy army.

On the other hand, downloading the game is extremely easy than you might have thought. You only need to go to the official website of the Landfall Games and submit your email. Totally Accurate Battle Simulator really has a small size and it will take your minutes to download and start playing it. Here is the download link;

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