Totally Accurate Battle Simulator Best Unit

Totally Accurate Battle Simulator has managed to become a game that is played by thousands of players all over the world. The biggest reason for Totally Accurate Battle Simulator to be preferred and played by this many players is the simple graphics and the intense gameplay that it offers to players. The way that the graphics of the game have been designed and the gameplay that offers players a very intense battlefield scene with several types of warfare units you can pick for your army. Watching the battle between two armies of funny creatures running towards each other is very satisfying and that is why there are this many videos created by several people on the web.

In Totally Accurate Battle Simulator, the skins of the units you can pick for your army are designed to look like rag dolls. It is really funny to watch two armies of ragdolls, running towards each other with googly eyes and maniacal movements which are the results of the laws of the physics that are unique to Totally Accurate Battle Simulator. It can be said that the game has managed to reflect a battlefield in a custom way of reflecting the laws of the physics. That is what makes the game this much popular indeed.

Talking about the units in the game, there are really so many possibilities much more than you might think. There are dozens of units you can pick from six categories. Vikings, Crusaders, Greece, Asia, Napoleon and Misc. Each unit has different levels of health, speed and attack speed. And each of them also has an ability which is unique to it. If you are playing the game in the level mode of Totally Accurate Battle Simulator, you have to create the best possible army with your limited money. You have to pick the units that have the advantage against the enemy army. Each level contains different armies and you are given different amount of money in each level. It is more important to spend your money on property, rather than quantity.

You can set tournaments in the sandbox mode of the game in which you can create both armies by yourself and set the conditions as you like by using your unlimited money. It allows you to find out what amount of which unit is better to use. You can also see which is better than another. You can array two certain types units or you can compose different types of battles. You can download the game from this link:

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