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Thousands of people now play Totally Accurate Battle Simulator, which we can consider as a mix of simulation and strategy with a unique physics rules and graphics. In fact, the unique graphics or the physics rules of the game are the main reasons for Totally Accurate Battle Simulator to be played this much by this many people. Currently, there are thousands of people who are playing Totally Accurate Battle Simulator. Even if the gameplay of the game seems passive, you will really enjoy the battles with satisfying scenes of battles, including several different types of units from Vikings era to Greece, Crusaders to Napoleon.

It can be said that the graphics of the game are designed right on the button, the skins of the units in the game are really designed to be very funny. You field two armies of rag doll like creatures that are moving in a very weird way as a result of the laws of the physics in the game that is totally unique to the game since it is a simulator game. It also can be said that the battles that Totally Accurate Battle Simulator are totally accurate in this sense. You enjoy the battle between two armies that are consist of weird units running each other madly with googly eyes by waving their weapons.

What’s more, Totally Accurate Battle Simulator includes dozens of different types of units that you can choose from six categories. If you play in the level mode of Totally Accurate Battle Simulator, it is very important for you to choose your units wisely. You encounter different types of armies in each level and you have limited money to spend on the best possible army. You need to pick the units that have the abilities that can overwhelm the enemy army. You need to calculate situations and conditions like the unique levels of health, speed and attack speed that each unit has.

Anyway, downloading Totally Accurate Battle Simulator which is the fourth game of Landfall Games is extremely easy. You can download the game by submitting your email address to Landfall games. You receive an email that links you to the download page. It will take your minutes to download and start composing battles that you chose the conditions of, and also, the game is completely free. Also, Totally Accurate Battle Simulator is offered for free on Steam. Or you can directly go to that page from here:

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  1. Hello I would like to start playing totally accurate battle simulator because my friend showed me how fun the game is and I would like to try it out myself.

  2. I’ve seen the game and think it is very fun. I would like to try it out on my YouTube channel if that is ok. I would like to play this game because you made an amazing game.

  3. I really want to play this epic game. I watch a lot of youtubers playing this game, but I want to experience this game myself. Please send me the link of the game!!! THANK YOU!!!

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