TABS TOURNAMENT – Who is the Best Unit

Totally Accurate Battle Simulator has become a game that everybody plays at least for two days after they have downloaded it once. On the other hand, there are also millions of players all over the world who plays this game addictively. The game really has been extremely popular after it has been released and this is the Alpha version of the game now. It seems that there will be more versions if the game manages to remain its popularity at this level.

The most powerful reason for the Totally Accurate Battle Simulator game to have become this much popular is undoubtedly the battles it is about. The game has been developed in such a way that makes the game very funny. The skins of the units you will pick in order to create an army look like rag dolls with no mouth and googly eyes. Also, since the game is based on physics that is unique to this game, the way the units run towards each other that you will see after you have created the best army that you think will defeat the enemy army and pressed the start button, can create really funny scenes. They can get their weapons stuck in others or they may fall onto each other on the impact. Even though the scenes that you will witness, the concept of the game, the way the battles have been tried to be reflected will charm you, there is a point that is really sad for such a successful game.

The siege weapons that you might want to pick for your army shoots at enemy automatically in a direction that is not very accurate. Also, they usually kill their own guys in front of them. Of course, this is what the irony is but it really can get boring after some time. However, the diversity of the units that you can pick really is charming. You can choose dozens of different types of units in the sandbox mode of the game to see which one is the best unit in what condition.

Of course, it is not about numbers or quantity but making tournaments in sandbox mode to find out which unit is the best is actually a great idea. The same numbers of units can be selected or the same quantity of money can be spent on two specific units that you want to fight. Of course, it will not show you the best unit but with the huge numbers of possibilities in the battles in the game, it will be worth to play.

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