TABS – Guns, New Animations, and Viewer Suggestions

As we know, Totally Accurate Battle Simulator, which is a physics based game that has been developed by the Landfall Games recently, has become a very popular game lately. Millions of people have downloaded the game on their computers in a very short time after it has been released and a variety of videos have been created for the game. There are lots of people who are talking about this game or making a video about the game in which there are several possibilities that you will encounter.

The comedy in the way that the game has been developed in and the funny graphics of the game really have charmed people. The scenes that are created by the rag doll like units while they are running towards each other after two armies have been created and the start button have been pressed are really worth seeing. The environment that the battlefields are in is also very successful with its simple design and the game really satisfies the expectations. Actually, the game is working with its own physics rules and that is what makes the game unique.

The best part of the game is undoubtedly the variety of the units that it offers you. You can pick dozens of different types of units from six categories and each unit has different abilities and weapons, alongside the different levels of their properties such as health, speed and attack speed. There is also a strategy that you need to set well in order to complete the levels in the game. They are created to be easier at the beginning in order to teach the player how to play, which unit to choose in what condition. Then it can bee is seen that the levels are getting more difficult as you complete a next one.

Also, you can set tournaments in the sandbox mode of the game in order to compose different battle conditions by picking units for both armies. In this mode, you can see which unit is better in a specific condition. It won’t be an accurate result that you will face if you compete for two different types of units. The battle is something different from the race of numbers.

There were several units that you can pick from six categories and there are more different types of innovations that you will see in the latest update of the game. It already has been certain that the next update would be as successful as the alpha version of the game. So it is and the animation effects are also more advanced so the game offers a much accurate battle environment anymore.

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