T.A.B.S Funny Time

As being played by millions of people and have been gaining popularity at a very fast pace, that is for sure that Totally Accurate Battle Simulator really offers totally accurate battles to the players. Because the game is currently played by millions of people, since it has not been so long from the day it has been released. In this connection, it can say that Totally Accurate Battle Simulator will be developed for a long time since it is this much popular with its successful concept.

Since the game is based on entirely the strategy you follow, it is never certain that in what condition an army will be fighting. There are sudden changes in the course of the game. This is where Totally Accurate Battle Simulator is successful as a simulation game. After you have created your army, you press the start button and watch the rest. You will see that the property levels of the units you can choose from dozens of them are not just the main thing that you need to know. The most important thing in the game is that creating the best army with limited money. Your army must contain units that can overwhelm the opponent army.

To do this, you need to play the levels of the game in order to practice and learn what to do in what condition. Actually, it may take some time if you are not familiar with this kind of games, since there are dozens of choices and possibilities. On the other hand, the graphics of the game are not very detailed. Actually, it can be said that they are intentionally designed in a funny way. Their movements are also designed very funny. They fly on impact and they look like they are really having difficulties while running towards each other. However, the movements of arrows, the things that siege weapons use, are really designed in a way that they really reflect the real laws of physics. In this sense, it pays away as a simulation game.

So you need to calculate everything and in this regard, we can say that the game is similar to the game chess. You have lots of possibilities but there is only one winner. This is what makes the game really entertaining, the opportunity to see the mistakes that you have done with the formation of the soldiers and the types of them.

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