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You may question the accuracy of the battle simulator once you play Totally Accurate Battle Simulator, but sooner you realize that the game is absolutely designed to contain fun besides a battle environment. First of all, this is a game that where strategy wins, not the crowdedness of the armies. Therefore, you will definitely spend

Amazing Catapult Army

As a game that a considerable number of players play, Totally Accurate Battle Simulator also a very successful simulation game, beyond a strategy game. The logic of the game is entirely based on the strategy that the players use. Even if there are several people who find the graphics of the game not good enough,

T.A.B.S Funny Time

As being played by millions of people and have been gaining popularity at a very fast pace, that is for sure that Totally Accurate Battle Simulator really offers totally accurate battles to the players. Because the game is currently played by millions of people, since it has not been so long from the day it

Archer Formation

One of the most popular strategy games, Totally Accurate Battle Simulator has managed to reach a great mass of players in a really short time after it has been released. This game really offers players to pit several units of several eras from caveman to Vikings, from Crusaders to Napoleon and US election. You can

War Simulator Level

Totally Accurate Battle Simulator, which is sort of a strategy game, is gaining popularity at a fast pace day by day. The complicated logic of the game has been effective on the popularity of the game. It can be said that the game includes everything that a pitched battle has. From Greeks to Vikings, from

Game in Picture

Since Totally Accurate Battle Simulator, which is a recent strategy game in which you will try to destroy the enemy army after picking the most proper units against the enemy army, has a very little size, has to be said that extremely graphics can not be discussed under these circumstances. Totally Accurate Battle Simulator draws

About Game

Totally Accurate Battle Simulator is a strategy game that you will fight against different enemy armies in each level. First of all, it has to be mentioned that the game has a really small size for a strategy game which has 3D graphics. But be sure that the excitement and the hot atmosphere of battle