So Much Man Battle TABS

It can be clearly seen that Totally Accurate Battle Simulator, the game that has drawn so much attention in a really short time after it has been released. The game has been developed by the Landfall company, a game development company which was founded on 27 May 2015. As the last game that the company has developed, it can be said that Totally Accurate Battle Simulator has been so much popular all over the world, in all probability for its intense gameplay and the battle atmosphere it reflects in a very good way with sound and visual effects. Even if the game has a very small size, a real battle atmosphere is really reflected successfully.

As a matter of fact, the graphics of the game are extremely simple. You are on a piece of land which is divided into two equal parts with a line and you need to create an army by using your money to pick units. This is a war between red and blue and you are the side that is red. The soldiers have not been designed in detailed skins. They just look like puppets that are directed by instinct and they run like monsters. However, since the game logic has been developed in a very good way, when you press the start button in order to start the battle after you have picked the units that will be able to defeat the enemy army, you face with an almost real battle.

It is never certain what will go to happen in the game since there are dozens of units you can choose. There are six categories of units. Vikings, Greece, Crusaders, Asia, Napoleon and Misc. And all the units of each category has three properties; health, attack speed and speed. You need to calculate everything and create an army against enemy army. You have to choose the right units. For example, Vikings category includes three types of soldiers; Vikings, headbutter, and axe with Crusaders category includes things, footman, archer, ballista and catapult. If there are lots of archers in the game you need to use the “shield”, which is included in the Greece category, which contains five different types of units. Shield will be useful for archers and like this, you need to calculate the property values and think about a battle logic.

Napoleon’s “barrel roller” is effective for the siege weapons of Crusaders. Or you can use “spearthrower”, which is included in Greece category. You learn everything and discover several strategies in levels.

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