Killing Man Pooping Giants

Totally Accurate Battle Simulator has become the most played games all over the world. It really has drawn a lot of attention and it has been downloaded millions of people. It can be sair that Totally Accurate Battle Simulator offers players a gameplay that they have been waiting for, it can clearly be seen from the forums and videos have been created about it. Even if it has a very little size and extremely easy to download, Totally Accurate Battle Simulator really offers players a battle environment completely based on physics. Actually, it also can be said that the game has created its own physics rules and it works with them.

Graphics are not very detailed. You will encounter different weird rag doll like units that have maniacal looking eyes. It will really be very entertaining to watch the weird fight of the rag doll units that running each other madly and falling, jumping, flying on impact. Also, there are four different environments that you can fight in. Denmark, Scotland, Japan and Sahara. There is no difference but the environment between four of these.

In the game, there are dozens of different types of units that you can pick and each of them has a unique ability and three properties; health, attack speed and speed. You need to use the best units against the enemy army by calculating every possibility. You need to pick the best certain unit against the enemy army in order to defeat them. These properties are really important, your army must contain the soldiers that has useful abilities in certain conditions.

In misc category of the game, there is a unit that poops chicken men named chicken man man. It is really weird and worth seeing. This unit is the most difficult unit to kill of the game and there are dozens of ways to do this. For sure, it has to be tried at least for five times in order to find the most suitable unit that has the advantage when gathered. The best unit to kill this beast seems to be the archers, which can attack at a high distance. And of course, armoured and powerful units will be needed in order to detain the giant to prevent it to reach the archers. But there will be a chicken problems, which are pooped by the men that are pooped by the giant. This really will worth seeing.

4 thoughts on “Killing Man Pooping Giants

  1. This is an amazing game filled with seemingly infinite possibilities along with fun.

    This is a fun and wacky game that any gamer would enjoy.

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