DIE GEHEIME EINHEIT – Totally accurate battle simulator – Update – Lets play -Deutsch – German –

The Totally Accurate Battle Simulator has become a very popular game, which has been developed by Landfall Games. The game offers players to watch funny moments of the battle of red and blue armies. It really is adorable to watch they are fighting. The game has been developed in a way that it is a mix of comedy and medieval war concept. You array your units in different conditions against different armies that have different difficulty levels in each level. Even if the graphics are not very detailed and unique, the skins of the characters are really unique. They look like rag dolls that are looking with maniac eyes and have no mouth.

The rules of physics are customized in the game and the units that you pick for your army runs each other with weird steps their arms being dispersed. An addition to this, they really react on impact, they can fly, roll in the air and land on their feet, anything can happen in the game. There are two modes that you can play in the game, the first one is the classical concept that progresses in levels that you will encounter different classes of units in each of them since you will create the both armies to see which one is the better in the sandbox mode of Totally Accurate Battle Simulator.

When it comes to the gameplay, it can be said that it is really good. The gameplay of Totally Accurate Battle Simulator has really been designed to excite players and wonder what will go to happen when they press the start button after they create the best army possible with the limited money they have in the level mode of the game. There are a certain number of levels that you need to complete the game in all of which you will encounter different armies.

However, the sandbox mode of the game is just wonderful. You create two armies by using any unit you like with the unlimited money you have. There are dozens of units that you can use and it means that there are many possibilities, the result is never certain. You can make tournaments by fighting two different types of units to see which one is stronger. Of course, the quantity of the soldiers and the money you spend for each army is important, you can get the most accurate result by competing for the number of units that is needed to destroy the others.

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