Totally Accurate Battle Simulator has become a unique game with its different gameplay which has been designed to be based on entirely physics and strategy. The game is about accurate battles of red and blue. In addition, the variety of possibilities and the number of different unit types you can pick has drawn the most attention. You may encounter very different results than you thought after you have fielded your units and pressed the start button.

The graphics of the game have been designed to be extremely funny that you will encounter many different unit types from pooping giants to catapults, from Vikings to Asian martial arts. The game offers a huge space on earth for you to create your army and the battle goes on here. In an addition to this, there are four different battlefield options that you can choose; Denmark, Scotland, Japan and Sahara.

There are two different modes of the game. In one of them which progresses with levels, as you can guess, you need to defeat several armies that have been created by the developers in levels you will play. There is no any training mode in the game, it teaches you everything you need to know in order to defeat the enemy armies in the first levels of the game. Then levels get much more difficult as you progress in levels.

You need to create the best army that is possible with the limited money you have in the level mode of the Totally Accurate Battle Simulator. The crowdedness of your army is not the key, but the way that you spend your money is. So, you need to spend your money on the certain units that have more advantage against the enemy units at a certain level. For example, you need to use so many shields in order to protect your army and buy some time if there are too many archers in the enemy army. Or you need siege weapons if the enemy has too.

One unit in the game is undoubtedly the most powerful unit in the game. But not only a single one of course. Catapults destroy any crowd of any unit with the rocks they throw. They are really durable too and wonderful killing machines. But, you should remember that you need to array your soldiers in a way that doesn’t give them a chance to kill each other.


  1. loved the video, always a good laugh. My girlfriend and I actually just watched this video, which is when I decided that I was going to get this game. Though it seems it is still in beta? Do you know if there is anyway I could get a hold of this game and start playing?

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