The Best Unit & Battle Endor

You may question the accuracy of the battle simulator once you play Totally Accurate Battle Simulator, but sooner you realize that the game is absolutely designed to contain fun besides a battle environment. First of all, this is a game that where strategy wins, not the crowdedness of the armies. Therefore, you will definitely spend your hours in “sandbox” mode, in which you can pick unlimited units for the both armies and set a line of different compositions. It is really worth to see what will go on in the battle after you have arrayed the soldiers, to figure out which unit is better.

As mentioned, while the graphics creating the comedy in the game, the visual effects and the way that the rules of the physics are reflected just make the game adorable. The views you encounter and the unexpected results of a formation you have used in the game are just worth seeing. There are dozens of units to pick and several things to change the course of the game. For example, try to line barbarians like bowling pins in front of a group of cannon crews in the sandbox mode of the game. You will see that they will fly and land like real weights.

Also, some of them may get their weapons stuck in one another and fall by hitting each other. The reflections that you see on impact are just adorable. Besides all of this, the gameplay is also developed in the best way possible. It is not important how crowded your army is. The most important thing in the levels of the Totally Accurate Battle Simulator is the way you spend your money. Picking the best units against the enemy army. You will be able to do that after a few plays in the levels. There is no training mode in the game, it teaches you everything in a game.

In order to find the best possible unit in the Totally Accurate Battle Simulator, enter the sandbox and try different combinations and set different conditions each time you try. Try to reach the best field of your soldiers in order to avoid friendly fires. Since all of the units shoots automatically after the battle starts, there may several losses during the game, if you sort a line of archers in front of a line of muskets. It will result with archers took a musket ball in the back.

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