Amazing Catapult Army

As a game that a considerable number of players play, Totally Accurate Battle Simulator also a very successful simulation game, beyond a strategy game. The logic of the game is entirely based on the strategy that the players use. Even if there are several people who find the graphics of the game not good enough, Totally Accurate Battle Simulator is still a very successful work, produced by the Landfall Company.

First of all, the graphics of the game are really not designed in a very detailed way. But it is not the most important thing in the game. There is a funny battle atmosphere that Totally Accurate Battle Simulator offers you and the soldiers are designed to a skin that is really funny. They look like rag dolls and their movements really look very awkward. The way attacks themselves, the way they run towards each other really makes you laugh in the game and they sometimes fall on each other and this create a charming view.

You will encounter armies that are getting stronger level by level. There is no training section in the game so you learn how to play in-game. You start the game with a very small enemy army. These first levels teach you which unit to use in what condition, which unit is stronger than the other with its basic attack or its special ability.

Since there are lots of possibilities and several units that you can use, the formation you use is also as important as the units you pick. You can’t take all the advantage of the units you choose if you do not array them in the right way. For example, if you array too many archers or muskets behind your shields since archers are automatically shooting ahead, they will shoot friendly soldiers. You need to calculate such conditions while arraying your soldiers. Or you will need lots of spear throwers if there are so many archers in the enemy army. Use the proper units to win, by not only evaluating the levels of the properties of the units.

One of the players has made a wonderful video in which he shows the amazing catapult army that he has created in the “sandbox” mode of the game. He has picked lots of catapults for both armies and figured out what happens if two extremely huge catapult armies. Nothing but perfect can be said about it. It is really worth watching.


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